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Anabolic steroids are a group of hormones, the use of which affects not only the athlete's physiological parameters. Cycle of anabolic steroids can alter not only the hormonal balance or libido activity, but also cause side effects. In moderate doses, some steroids (the same Stanozolol) show a very low level of negative side effects. Others even at recommended dosages substantially disrupt the production of natural testosterone. Therefore, depending on the selected anabolic steroids, it is used some drugs for PCT.

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

It common known among athletes as simple PCT, which means Post-Cycle Therapy. This term is used in sports pharmacology to refer to various complexes of sports supplements and special therapeutics. They are used primarily to minimize the negative effects of steroid cycles. Especially important is the role of PCT, when it comes to combined cycles, as they have a stronger effect on the body (both positive and negative).

Main objectives of the PCT after the cycle:

  • restoration of the initial hormonal balance;
  • preservation of muscle growth, gaining muscle relief and drawing (fighting rollback phenomenon);
  • prevent testicular atrophy;
  • preventing effect of gynecomastia (breast feminization process is directly linked with high anabolic activity);
  • prevention of other androgenic and anabolic sides (acne, high blood pressure, hair-loss, etc.).

PCT Components and Their Features

Classical therapy usually consists of three main components:

  1. Antiestrogens (required after each anabolic cycle).
  2. Human chorionic gonadotropin (prevents possible decrease (atrophy) of the testes and is used in cycles with a duration of more than 6 weeks).
  3. Cabergoline (applies only to cycles with progestins).

As well as additional drugs, which include:

  • Testosterone boosters.
  • Cortisol blockers (used to eliminate and prevent catabolic breakdown of muscle fibers).
  • Omega-3 (designed to recover the cholesterol level in the body).
  • Hepatoprotectors (are used to protect the liver from toxic influences).
  • Growth hormone and peptides (used for mass conservation and eliminating mood swings symptom).

All the drugs used during PCT after anabolic cycles, are completely mutually compatible. But their choice by beginners should be discussed with a sports physician and more experienced athletes.

How and Why to Take Antiestrogens at PCT

Antiestrogens - key drugs during post-cycle therapy, used to prevent the feminization (breast enlargement in men) and restore natural processes of hormone production. Therefore, compliance with recommendations on how to take antiestrogens during PCT - a very important factor not only to keep the results of the cycle, but also a healthy well-being in general.

To understand the specifics of the estrogen application at PCT, you need to know about the existence of two major drug types: aromatase inhibitors and blockers of estrogen receptors. The first type include Anastrozole, Proviron and Letrozole (rarely used). They are necessary for the elimination of consequences of flavoring effect (conversion into estrogen) by Dianabol, Sustanon, Testosterone and other steroids.

The second group - familiar to every bodybuilder, athlete and powerlifter - pills of Clomid and Nolvadex. Use these drugs for 2-3 weeks after each cycle of anabolic, as used for the most important goal: restoring the natural secretion (production level) of testosterone. Exception: Nolvadex, which can not be used as a post-cycle therapy for Trenbolone and Nandrolone Decanoate, because of their progestin activity.

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