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Suppliers November 20, 2023

1steroids.net supplier


1Steroids.Net is an online pharmacy that has been in business for about nine years now. The site sells legit steroids from Dragon Pharma. This medication is approved by the FDA. 1Steroids provides medication that is manufactured by the best manufacturers in Europe. The medication is of high quality because the site is very considerate about the health and safety of its users. It is also manufactured in the safest and the most hygienic conditions in order to reinforce this safety. One of the main objectives of the site is to serve a population that cannot easily afford medication or medical services in different countries. Therefore the prices of the medication are low and affordable. They are set at competitive rates. One of the other areas that is considered highly by this site is the privacy of the customers and the information that is provided. 1Steroids strives to keep all information confidential.


Ginny is quick to recommend the use of 1Steroids.net to other people who need to buy medication. This, he says, is because he has been a constant customer on this and he has never been disappointed. He further states that he has been able to save a fortune through buying medication from this site. The prices are only but a fraction of what the drugs cost in the US. He is also thankful on behalf of the seniors that he works with because they have also been able to save a lot of money on their medication.

Stan commends 1Steroids for their good services. He says that the staff is very patient and helpful. He also commends the quality of the products which are as effective as they are supposed to be. In addition to this, he is very happy that he has been able to save a lot of money by buying medication from this site. He mentioned the site to his physician who now recommends its use to other patients.

Len1337 reviews the site in a forum that is flooded with quite a number of negative reviews. He is quick to point out that he cannot say the site is a scam. This is because the orders he made got to him in good time, that is, after two weeks. The charging was also done properly and he was able to get quality medication. He advises, however, that people need to be more careful about the online pharmacies they use. For him, 1Steroids.net is legitimate.


5 is a reasonable score for the performance of 1Steroids.net. The reviews online go to show that this site is true to what they promise to offer. The honesty portrayed even in the domain name is a quality that is worth commending. When customers order they know that they will get steroids from Dragon Pharma and not from any other brand. Extra bonuses such as including trial medication for first time users are practices that earn the site more customers. However, as is with almost every other online pharmacy in this day and age, it is wise to gather as much information as possible before deciding to use the site as the source of medication.

1Steroids.Net Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Dragon Pharma

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