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Oxymetholone is another representative of synthetic drugs, which came in sports pharmacology through official medicine. In sports medicine it is used to grow muscle mass. Today one may use Oxymetholone online under such trade names as Anadrol, Anadroxyl, Anapolon, Oxydrol.

Initially, Oxymetholone was used to treat anemia and osteoporosis. This anabolic steroid was used for the treatment of these diseases and also to stimulate muscle growth in debilitated or malnourished patients. This last property has determined the popularity of such steroid in sports, because having a very impressive androgenic activity, anabolic can help to achieve very significant performance and gains in muscle mass.

The concentration of the drug, in which can be purchased Oxymetholone, remains constant for all shapes and by 50 mg per tablet or per milliliter of solution.

Oxymetholone Effects

When abusing this drug (which is still true for any other steroid), anabolic may cause some of the negative side-effects. However, if you take the drug correctly, anabolic steroid has on the body the following positive effects:

  • It gives one of the strongest weight gains compared to other steroids. Its high anabolic activity (320% of testosterone), lets you gain up to 15 kg of muscle mass.
  • At high rates of anabolic, athlete protects itself from many side effects since the drug exhibits rather weak androgenic activity, and is not converted into estrogen.
  • This drug increases the power and endurance performance. I can be bought also because it enhances the effects of other hormones and accelerates the manifestation of their effects.

How to Use Oxymetholone: Dosage, Cycle, PCT

To take Oxymetholone is recommended for men older than twenty years. The cycle lasts for about a month. Extend it for longer than 6 weeks is fraught with a strong negative impact on the liver. To calculate the cost of the cycle on, you should know its duration, and the optimal dose - 50-100 mg per day. Exceeding its increase will not bring desired effects, but will only strengthen the manifestation of side effects.

Post-cycle therapy requires receiving estrogen blocker during a month. It is also recommended to take Testosterone boosters that will restore production of own hormones.

The decision to buy Oxymetholone along with other drugs would allow to achieve the best results:




Oxymetholon, the active ingredient, is Oxymetholone. The effects of the drug: Awesome set of muscle mass. Increased hemoglobin synthesis. Growth of the power indicators. Acceleration […]

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