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Injectable steroids - a release form drugs of androgenic and anabolic effects, used to enhance athletic performance, gain muscle mass, or the formation of a quality relief of muscles. Let us consider in more detail how to take and where to shot injectable steroids, what are the benefits of using vials.

Dragon Pharma Injectable Steroids: Types and Benefits

One may buy injectable steroids by Dragon Pharma of two types: oily solutions (when essential oils are used for working dilution of the active substance), and aqueous suspensions (which include only Winstrol Depot and Testosterone Suspension).

But in general, in all steroid injections are allocated a number of advantages as compared with oral steroids. Among them:

  • a small degree of toxicity of anabolic steroids to the liver (as distinct from tablet formulations);
  • high efficiency in muscle growth (12 kg increase);
  • greater assimilation rate, compared with oral steroids due to direct exposure of the active substance in the blood;
  • increase in physiological parameters (strength, endurance), and increased appetite.

However, the use of anabolic steroids in vials by regular injection requires some experience. Therefore, you need a few tips and a little practice on how to take and where to inject steroids.

Dragon Pharma Injectable Steroids for Muscle Growth

Among the huge selection of Dragon Pharma injectables, the most popular in cycles for muscle growth, in recent decades, are Sustanon, NPP 150, Enantat 250/Enantat 400 and Deca 300/Deca 500. These steroids are 100% absorbed by the body within a short period, and the result of muscle growth has been observed within the first weeks.

How to use injectable steroids for gaining muscle mass:

  1. Injection interval (the interval between them) should be selected on the basis of the period of half-life of each steroid. For example, a mixture of Testosterone Esters (Sustanon) and Deca are injected only once a week for 250-500 mg, since they are active for 15 days.
  2. Injection should be done only in the gluteal muscles (injection in the chest, shoulders or biceps can cause abscesses or other types of inflammation). Read more here on how to inject steroids.
  3. After most of the cycles for gaining muscle mass, it necessary to conduct PCT, which a novice should discuss it preferably with a doctor or a seasoned athlete.

How to use steroids for gaining weight:

  • before injection, vial must be warmed in the hand or in warm water;
  • do not insert the needle completely, leave a few millimeters outside;
  • after the introduction of the needle in muscle, it is necessary to pull the plunger slightly up, in case of detection of blood in the solution, change the location of the needle;
  • if plunger is lift hard and returned to the place, when you try to pull it off, keep the introduction.

Remember that you can mix injectable steroids only in that case if active substance has the same solution (water or ester). Do not mix oil and water steroids.

Dragon Pharma Injectable Steroids for Drying Cycles

Popular Dragon Pharma injectable steroids on drying courses includes: Winstrol Depot (by the way, injectable form of Stanozolol is less toxic for the liver as compared to tablets), Primobolan, Trenbolone 100, Boldenone, etc. Cycles with listed steroids guarantee:

  • formation of hard, lean muscles;
  • increase stamina and strength;
  • modest increase in muscle mass (6.4 kg);
  • fat burning effect;
  • good muscle relief.

Dragon Pharma Injectable Steroids Reviews

Based on the reviews of most drugs, it is noticeable that the main problem is the need to make injections. Therefore, men who first decided to buy anabolic steroids, uses the tablet form. Experienced bodybuilders realize that the effectiveness of injectable version of the drug is often more like its speed of getting into the body and prefer to buy the same Stanozolol and Nandrolone in vials.

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